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Web agency with expertise in digital presence

We believe that a neat digital approach together with strategic development, high accessibility and clean code create the foundation for a successful web. We work with Design, Web Development, Woocommerce, SEO, Log-tech, Google Ads and much more.

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Here's how we help you

Web production

We have been creating websites and e-commerce stores with WordPress and WooCommerce for over 10 years. When you entrust the production of your new website to us, you are in safe hands from project start to launch.

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Website Management & Hosting

A successful website is rarely slow. We always strive to make the websites we create as fast-loading as possible and ensure this by offering top-notch hosting.

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With SEO, you'll be visible on Google. We help you climb the search rankings and achieve results that we set together.


Google Ads

Beat the competition to the punch. We offer fully automated Google advertising backed by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Complying with the Accessibility Directive in a website ensures that more people can use it and its features.


Do you need help with anything else?

If you need help but find it difficult to put into words what you want to do, don't be put off. Together we can identify your needs and create a customized delivery.

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We are a team that understands your digital business.

Today, we help small, medium and large businesses grow in different ways through their websites. Most websites have a lot of potential - but finding it and knowing what to do with it requires experience. This is where we like to come in 👋.

We design and develop websites that serve clear purposes with high objectives. Our conviction that every website has the potential to contribute to the company's turnover is based on the fact that we have often been involved in bringing that potential to life.

If you're looking for a web agency to help you with your website or e-shop, you've probably found the right one.

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Our promise: Smart web that adds value & delivers results

To produce websites that only result in a nice digital approach would be to completely ignore both the issues and challenges necessary to create a good website. It is the answers to these questions and challenges that together create the foundation for what will ultimately be a successful website.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that a website that aims to create growth and generate revenue is also produced based on the business value it will bring. For this to be possible, everyone involved needs to understand the deal. This is why we are very responsive and initially ask many questions to understand your business.

Why choose Exacta Digital for your web project?

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We deliver world-class web, e-commerce and SEO.
We bring together decades of experience in design and development. We have developed solutions that guarantee high performance and always strive for real results in everything we create.

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We are passionate about what we do and strongly committed to it.
When we get to be part of perhaps your most important investment, we take nothing for granted. We listen and want to understand what you need, we always deliver according to plan and we are driven by creative curiosity.

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We develop modern websites
Our core is based on the fact that the websites we develop achieve high user-friendliness, good accessibility and, of course, good chances of appearing on the right keywords in search engines with the right efforts.

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It's really good to see that you're keeping an eye on the site, spotting bugs and problems and making sure they're quickly fixed. The website is our lifeline, providing us with revenue, course participants and customers. Nice!

Anne Neppare
CEO, Cognosis

Companies that have given us their full confidence over the years

Let's talk digital projects!

No project is too big or small for us. An informal chat or email conversation with us is the first step towards a website that delivers results.

Hello! My name is Edvin and I am the head of the agency. Talk projects directly with me on phone 010 - 207 45 16 or email

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