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About us

We are Exacta Digital, a team with broad expertise in web development. We thrive on creating websites that deliver results for our clients, and constantly challenge our own comfort zone with creative curiosity and innovative development.

We are a dedicated web agency that creates modern and user-friendly websites with a lot of love in WordPress, Woocommerce, and Shopify. We also offer comprehensive solutions with web hosting and support for the websites we develop.

Exacta Digital is a part of Exacta Logistics.

Our core

Real development

We always develop all e-shops and websites from scratch. In short, this means that we start from a 'blank sheet of paper' when we begin the development of a new website. With us, you can always expect a 100% customized web, which we have seen gives better results. It also gives us as developers more control and the ability to create webs with higher performance and faster loading times.

Web agency that ❤️ Wordpress

We create many websites and e-shops in Wordpress. The reasons for using Wordpress as a CMS are as numerous as the benefits why you should use it. WordPress is a powerful updating tool that can be used on any website of any size. Its scalability and accessibility make it unbeatable in many ways. Plus, WordPress is easy to learn and work with.

Get to know us

Edvin Uddfalk

Agency manager & SEO specialistc

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Anna Lagnebratt

Web designer & developer

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Nabhan Abdullah

SEO specialist

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Kristofer Reinsson

Account manager

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Elin Eldh Rinaldo

Head of Marketing (parental leave)

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Lukas Hågestam Lindell


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