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Increase sales and leads through your e-commerce store or website

Optimize your conversion rate for purchases in the e-commerce store or leads through the website. We can assist you with everything from conversion analysis to execution and implementation.

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Perhaps you have heard of it. Short for Conversion Rate Optimization, CRO is the art of making a website better based on a variety of analyses that lead to website visitors taking the actions you want them to take.

Conversions are therefore the instances when a website visitor performs an action that has direct value. Depending on the type of website one operates, the conversion may look different. For an e-commerce store, a purchase is a conversion, for a bank, a loan application may be a conversion, and for an auto mechanic, a phone call where the visitor found the phone number on the website can be a conversion.

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To be able to perform conversion rate optimization, it is important that we know what your specific conversions are. If you do not know yet, we will certainly help you define them. Do you have any other types of conversions on your website? No problem. Then, let’s first define what they are and then rank them according to which conversions are the most valuable. In this way, we will have a clear understanding of which types of conversions require the most focus from us.

Once the goals of the website are identified, we can start working on the conversion rate optimization in earnest. We use various analysis tools, hypotheses, and conduct tests on the website over longer periods to see what works and what doesn’t work. Remember, conversion rate optimization takes a long time and is not something that happens overnight.

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CRO – It’s a no-brainer

To optimize the website for conversions is a very good initiative, and we always work hard to ensure that conversion rate optimization leads to more paying customers or contacted visitors.

We can perform conversion rate optimization on any website. Are you interested in optimizing your website or e-commerce store? Write to us through the form on this page, and we will get back to you with an initial assessment in a meeting.

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