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E-commerce in Woocommerce

Let your e-commerce store become a success story

We have extensive experience with WooCommerce and have helped many businesses with their online sales. Our web agency can help you with everything from design and development to third-party logistics, sales, and success.

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E-commerce store with WooCommerce

Starting a store is both easier and cheaper today than just 20 years ago. Back then, one had to pay rent for a strategically located store premises. One needed store personnel and leasing agreements for cash registers and surveillance systems to prevent possible break-ins and thefts.

Today, we can do without all of that. Thanks to e-commerce and the constant connection to the internet through our smartphones, the potential customer is never far away. In addition, with online advertising, we can promote our e-commerce store to target groups that we would not have been able to reach or sell to otherwise.

We have extensive experience working with e-commerce stores. Our creatives have themselves operated several e-commerce stores through WooCommerce and have also helped countless customers get started with their online sales. The reason we have chosen to work with WooCommerce is that it is a well-established tool to work with if you are already using WordPress, and the possibilities for growth with the tool are unlimited.

There are many advantages that come with using WooCommerce. The most distinctive feature of WooCommerce is that it is fundamentally free of charge. The e-commerce tool, therefore, costs nothing to use, and there are no licensing fees or similar costs to be paid. When it comes to functionality, WooCommerce comes packed with a lot of features. If you want to expand the functionality, WooCommerce offers additional features that can be added at a cost.

Regardless of the size and turnover of your e-commerce store, you will be able to successfully use WooCommerce as your e-commerce tool. We are happy to assist you with everything from design to launching a complete e-commerce store, including payment solutions and the functionality you need to succeed.

E-commerce for B2B and B2C

Whether you sell products to individuals, businesses, or both, we possess the technical knowledge to realize your e-commerce sales channels. Do you use different pricing for specific customer groups? Do you want to be able to sell with and without VAT? Do you have products with different VAT rates?

We can efficiently let orders of different types, placed by different customer groups, go through various systems and instances with automated processes. For example, business orders can go through a CRM system, while orders from individuals go directly to an accounting system. The possibilities are many, and no requirement specification is too difficult.

We have many years of experience in configuring e-commerce stores that sell to both businesses and individuals, and we are not afraid of a challenge!

Payment solutions in e-commerce stores

We can assist you in implementing the payment solutions you want to use in your e-commerce store and have many years of experience working with the biggest payment solutions on the market. These include perhaps the most established payment solutions such as Klarna, Svea and Swish but also PayPal, Stripe, Qliro and more.

Our developers love a challenge. Are you unsure if we can integrate the payment solution you want to use in your e-commerce store? Contact us, we’ll always find a solution.

Examples of gateways we seamlessly integrate

Klarna in e-commerce
Swish in e-commerce
Svea Checkout in e-commerce
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PayPal Logo SVG
Ecster Logo SVG
Bambora Worldline Logo SVG


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Shipping solutions & shipments

We know that a large part of the customer experience is determined by how and which shipping solutions are offered. At the same time, each individual e-commerce store has different conditions and therefore also requires different shipping methods – often at varying shipping costs.

As part of a company that primarily works with logistics and distribution, it is of course natural that we help you with the integration, configuration, and setup of the shipping solutions you have chosen to offer in your e-commerce store.

We successfully integrate shipping solutions for both domestic and global distribution. Contact us to discuss more about shipping solutions and their integration.

Examples of shipping solutions we can help you with

Ingrid i e-butik
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Bring Logo SVG
Instabox i e-butik
Budbee Logo SVG
Earlybird Logo SVG
Airmee Logo SVG


Woocommerce ♥ Integrations

If there is something that WooCommerce really excels at, it is the ability to integrate with virtually any system. Here, the possibilities are truly endless.

Do you use accounting systems, CRM tools, or do you read inventory balances from systems like Fortnox? We successfully connect e-commerce stores in WooCommerce with various tools, systems, and other third-party services so that you can work seamlessly.

Over the years, we have produced hundreds of e-commerce stores, which has given us an understanding that companies work differently and therefore have unique requirements.

Our developers integrate, among other things

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