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Hosting with fast loading time and high performance

With servers located all over the world, our partner Kinsta delivers possibly the best web hosting in the world. Here we have lightning-fast premium servers uniquely optimized for WordPress websites and offer world-class hosting.

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For websites that mean business

Fast, secure, and stable websites are becoming increasingly common among traditional hosting companies in the Swedish market. But how good are they really? We asked ourselves this question after having collaborated with hosting companies in Sweden for a long time.

Our conclusion was that there is hosting, and then there is Hosting. After comparing several companies, it quickly became clear that there was one that stood out – Kinsta.

Hosting on Exacta’s own servers

In addition to hosting through Kinsta, we also offer server hosting on our own servers. This type of hosting is well-suited for more traditional websites, both in WordPress and in other tools that do not require groundbreaking loading speeds or enormous resources.

As a hosting customer of our own servers, you will get web hosting, as well as the possibility to use webmail and domain management. If you do not already have your domain names registered with another provider, we will of course help you register them.

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Ida Warg Beauty

House of Clouds

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Regardless of whether you run a website or an e-commerce store, you are welcome to talk to us about hosting solutions. We welcome all companies who take their server seriously and understand that fast loading times have positive effects on user experience, SEO, and conversion rates, whether they are running a website or an e-commerce store.

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