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Logotype Production

Original logos tell their own story

To create a timeless logo, empathy, understanding, and creativity beyond all limits are needed. We have created logos for dozens of brands for many years and are driven by the opportunity to exercise the artistic qualities that it requires.

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Logo design from sketch to vector graphics

A logo is more than just a name for a business. It is also an identity and a work of art. It should visually and textually convey and present a company or a business. It should be inviting, easy to read, and just playful enough to reflect the operations behind.

We have been creating logos for more than 10 years for companies in all kinds of industries. During this time, we have learned that no idea is too crazy or boring to result in a really good and timeless logo.

The work always starts at the drawing board, literally with paper and pencil (and perhaps an eraser). Here we are allowed to experiment with icons, texts, fonts, and shapes. The next step is to agree with you to proceed with one of the logo ideas we have developed, which is then further refined in graphic design programs to ultimately result in a logo proposal.

Our creators look forward to creating your fantastic logo. If you are interested in complementing your logo with a graphic profile, we are of course also available for that.

A selection of previous logos

Here you can see a number of the previous logos that we and our creators have developed together with the customer. We always strive to produce logos that meet a range of different criteria and are simultaneously liked by our customers. Over the years, we have created logos for both smaller and larger companies throughout Sweden and also Europe.

Agersta Padel
IQ Hockey

Selected cases

Ida Warg Beauty

Happy Living

Era Försäkringar

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