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Increased growth with a Wordpress website.

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We create your website with exceptional quality

If you’ve landed on this page in search of a web agency that can help you produce your next website, then you’ve come to the right place. We design and develop WordPress websites of exceptional quality, with a strong focus on design, usability, and search engine optimization. The goal of the websites we produce is to enable more business and increase sales.

By listening to you and asking questions, we can gain an understanding of what your business goals are and how quickly you want to get there. In combination with the purposes your new website should fulfill, we make a plan for what your digital shop window, the website, should look like, how it should function, and ultimately convert.

When you turn to us for your new website, we assist you all the way from the initiation of the project to the launch of the website. We handle all areas such as design, development, the more technically demanding elements like domain, databases and DNS pointing, as well as the launch. Many companies we have worked with appreciate knowing that they can contact us regardless of the nature of the question. We know most things when it comes to websites.

Thoughtful user-friendliness

We customize the design for your new website based on your graphic profile in combination with our expertise. By analyzing your existing website and understanding your business, we can create a design that feels intuitive from the start.

We also place great emphasis on user-friendliness in all our design processes. When the design is well thought-out and serves a clear purpose, you can see a big difference in how visitors use a website, compared to when it is only designed to please the eye.

We are convinced that the design must be created in combination between these two areas and apply this thinking to all websites we create. By adapting the design to your graphic profile, we can create a cohesive experience for your online presence. We don’t just want to create a design that looks good – but one that is also user-friendly, easy to navigate, and delivers results.

We know that the appearance of a website is the most important factor in creating a positive user experience. By creating design that is well thought-out and serves clear purposes, we can help visitors find what they are looking for in an easy and fast way. We also want to create design that is unique and sets you apart from your competitors.

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Website with lightning-fast loading times

We develop websites that achieve groundbreaking results in Google PageSpeed, scoring between 97-100 points. This is possible through our unique method of creating websites that combine advanced techniques with the right settings and configurations.

For many, achieving this high speed on the website is an unattainable dream. But with our way of developing websites, we can offer loading times that are epically low. This benefits both visitors, who get a fast and smooth user experience, and the website’s ability to have good SEO.

We take into account each customer’s unique needs and preferences and create websites that are tailored to their business. We prioritize the user experience and ensure that the website is easy to navigate, easy to understand, and works smoothly on all devices.

When we create a website for our clients, we place great emphasis on the right settings and configurations to ensure fast loading times. We use advanced techniques that minimize file sizes, optimize images, and reduce the number of server requests. We make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently to give visitors the best possible experience.

When it comes to SEO, fast loading times are an important factor that can affect the ranking in search results. Google and other search engines prioritize fast and user-friendly websites when ranking search results. By using our method to develop websites, we can ensure that our clients’ websites achieve high scores in Google PageSpeed and thus rank high in search results.

High-quality SEO

For us at the web agency Exacta Digital, it is a given that your new website should be SEO-prepared in the best possible way. We control the entire process from design to coding to ensure that your new website is optimized to climb high in search results.

We use a range of techniques to make your website more visible online. We optimize the website’s content, include relevant keywords, and build links to increase your relevance. We also follow Google’s guidelines to ensure that your website is ranked high and not penalized by search engines.

When your new website is launched, we are happy to follow up and continue working with you to climb higher in search results on relevant keywords for your website. We also monitor the performance of your website and continuously optimize it to ensure that it works smoothly and loads quickly.

We offer a range of other services in our advantageous web management agreement. In that agreement, we allow you to manage updates and backups of your website to ensure that it is always up-to-date and secure. We also monitor the website’s performance and ensure that it is optimized to work on all devices.

We work hard to ensure that all our clients get the best possible keyword optimization in their websites. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and providing them with the support and assistance they need to succeed online. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help creating a search engine optimized website for your business.

Advantageous web management

After your new website is launched, the most important work according to our web agency is to start with web management. As your service partner, we can help you manage updates, ensure your website security, and provide support 24/7, every day of the year.

Web management is an important part of having a successful website. After the launch of your new website, it is important to continue updating the content and ensuring that everything is working properly. We can help with this through our advantageous web management agreements. With our team of creatives and developers, we handle all types of updates, from small adjustments to major changes.

Another important part of web management is to ensure the security of your website. We can help protect your website from potential threats and ensure that all information is secure. We have extensive experience in security and stay updated with the latest trends and threats.

In addition to handling updates and security, we also provide 24/7 support with a web management agreement.

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