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New website with a strong focus on automation and increased sales

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When the people behind Flygupplevelse were looking for a partner to develop their new website, they knew that the work would involve critical, business-oriented, and innovative thinking. When they contacted us and we immediately presented the improvement potential we saw with a new e-commerce store, the collaboration was established.


Flygupplevelse has a fairly unique product range in Sweden. In addition to a handful of experiences where you can fly in one of their airplanes in some way, you also have the opportunity to take control of the plane yourself. Does it sound fun? We thought so too. But at the same time, we immediately had a lot of questions; are you insured? what happens in bad weather? who are you flying with? how does the return policy work?

We soon realized that the communication of flying experiences needs to be done in a serious, clear, and educational manner where the user both learns everything they need before making a purchase and also finds it easy to go from purchase to booking. This sparked the idea of ​​creating an automatic sales flow for experiences through an e-commerce store in Woocommerce with the option to purchase accompanying gift cards.


The result is that a visitor can now buy one or more flying experiences and then have it delivered as a kind of digital gift card (a PDF file, simply) to their inbox after the purchase. It is then up to the visitor to either redeem the gift card themselves or give it to a friend or family member as a gift. Regardless, with the help of the code in the gift card, one can then return to the website and redeem it for the flying experience on their desired date.

In addition to being perceived as smooth for the customer, it is also easy for the store owners behind Flygupplevelse, as the customer journey, booking process, and gift card are created and managed entirely automatically.

Furthermore, this time we also deliver a fundamentally powerful website with a responsive, thoroughly developed design, fantastic SEO opportunities, and even a brand new logo.

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