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What is crossdocking?

Cross-docking means loading goods from incoming transports directly onto outgoing transports, with minimal warehousing in between. The purpose of transloading may be that the cargo in a vehicle has different final destinations, that you want to switch vehicles along the way, or something else. So, what is the advantage of cross-docking? The short answer is: the ability to save time and money. Fewer handling steps, for example, provide:

  • Faster deliveries to distributors and ultimately to end customers
  • Lower risk of mislabeling and sorting errors
  • Reduced storage costs due to decreased need
  • Decreased costs for handling the cargo

Of course, there are also challenges with cross-docking. You need a partner with the right expertise, storage resources, and vehicles. However, if you find the right partner and establish a setup that suits your business, cross-docking can provide smoother and more cost-effective logistics. As a logistics company, we have a wide network of carriers and also manage our own transportation. We can help you find a solution for cross-docking. Reach out to us, and we’ll tell you more. You can read more about our flexible warehousing here.