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Logistics and transport

We distribute your goods and products for you

Through our many years of experience delivering transport solutions of all kinds, we have managed to build up expertise and a business that can handle most things.

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We take care of your logistics and transport

When it comes to logistics and transport, we at Exacta are a distribution partner you can trust, regardless of your needs. We offer tailored logistics and transport solutions that always start from the individual customer’s needs and preferences.

Distribution partner with complete logistics and transport solutions

We are a distribution company that has the resources required to handle most aspects of logistics and transport. We have spacious warehouse premises to handle storage and can also easily take care of the distribution part. We are independent of external carriers and freight forwarders and can perform the transports on our own. This is very advantageous for you who choose us as a distribution partner.

Since we are independent and not dependent on anyone who trades and acts outside our control, we can offer very cost-effective services of very high quality.

The advantages of letting us handle your transport and logistics

Our many years of experience and expertise mean numerous advantages for you who let us handle your logistics and transport. Below, however, we highlight a couple of advantages that really make us able to deliver very favorable logistics and transport solutions.

Advantageous agreements with shipping companies

We always strive to offer our customers the best in all our areas of operation, and transport solutions are no exception. To be able to offer optimal transports for all our customers, we have made sure to negotiate very advantageous agreements with the largest shipping companies. This allows us to offer excellent transport solutions both for shipments within Sweden and abroad.

We have, among other things, negotiated unique transport agreements with the following shipping companies:

  • DHL
  • DB Schenker
  • FedEx
  • UPS

Own transport vehicles for maximum flexibility

In some situations, special solutions are required, and we at Exacta are a company that is solution-oriented to the core. To be able to deliver even when more specific transport needs arise, we have our own fleet of transport vehicles ready. This provides us with maximum flexibility and the ability to tackle virtually any challenge.

Expertise in everything related to transport and logistics

We are a highly flexible distribution company that can handle most aspects of transport and logistics. If you choose us as your distribution partner, you will get a tailor-made setup, entirely in line with what your business currently needs. For example, we can manage and transport hazardous goods, something that not all distribution companies can handle. Get in touch with us if you want the perfect transport solution and logistics for your company!

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