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E-commerce logistics

Drive e-commerce without taking care of the logistics.

With customized logistics solutions, we ensure that you as an e-commerce or wholesale business owner do not have to worry too much about e-commerce logistics on a daily basis.

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Customized logistics for e-commerce and wholesalers

Is it possible to have clear and personalized logistics that strengthen relationships with customers and business contacts? Indeed, it is. With third-party logistics from us, you get more time to refine your business. We achieve this with customized e-commerce logistics that fit your business, whether you are B2C or B2B.

Wholesale and e-commerce logistics

As an e-commerce owner, you have an awesome platform where you sell fantastic products from brilliant suppliers. As a wholesaler, you are that brilliant supplier, with a fantastic range for your niche. So, there’s just one missing puzzle piece for both of you. But that puzzle piece is often the only interaction you have with your customers in real life. Of course, we’re talking about logistics.

Your quality products require quality logistics! The great advantage of the combination of e-commerce or wholesale businesses and third-party logistics is that everyone gets to spend their working hours on what they are best at. This means better service towards end customers. Throughout the journey from placing an order with you to receiving the delivery, customers should feel that everything works seamlessly. And it doesn’t stop there. The right products should obviously be in the package when they open it. If a pair of jeans don’t fit as they should or a flowerpot doesn’t look as the customer expected, it shouldn’t be complicated to make returns. But returns become even fewer with us, as we consistently have high delivery reliability through our return management service. Through this smooth logistics, customers have positive experiences with you and your e-commerce brand.

Whether the customers are grocery stores or individuals. Satisfaction builds loyalty, and customers may even tell others about their positive experience. We probably don’t need to tell you how valuable that is.

An e-commerce logistics solution that is scalable for you as a customer

You can outsource parts or all of your logistics to us and gain the freedom to devote the much-needed time to your e-commerce instead. Our main focus is on tailor-made solutions for third-party logistics with your e-commerce needs as the starting point. When it comes to peak seasons, campaigns, and other sales spikes, you can rest assured that we handle it. With us, there are all the possibilities to scale up or down with logistics services and warehouse space as needed. We already have competent staff, suitable facilities for storing goods, necessary equipment, and good routines. Therefore, our third-party logistics becomes a more cost-effective and flexible option for your e-commerce.

Our warehouse system can be integrated with several business systems. This way, we achieve a better flow of information, and you can follow order processing and delivery from start to finish. We have shipping agreements with all the major freight companies for domestic and international transport. So whether it’s individual items or large pallets that need to be delivered, we can handle your distribution needs.

Already today, we help numerous e-commerce businesses with their logistics, ensuring that things run smoothly as they should. You can also receive that help, whether you run a small online store or are part of a large company. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you take your e-commerce logistics to the next level!

We offer these logistics solutions for e-commerce

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