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Sustainability & Responsibility

By following current environmental legislation and offering efficient transportation and logistics solutions, we at Exacta contribute to a long-term and sustainable development. We actively work, on our own and through external partners, towards more environmentally friendly storage and transportation.

When we talk about sustainability, we usually associate it with our environment and our climate. The truth is that the concept is much broader than that and encompasses not only reduced impact but also social and economic sustainability.

Social sustainability

This sustainability component concerns our everyday life and living conditions in society, such as our education, health, and safety. Both individually and at the group level. Here, we have human rights at the core, with the UN’s global goals leading the way.

In our work, it is partly about setting requirements for the entire supply chain and ensuring that guidelines regarding human rights and fair working conditions are followed. Another important part is our responsibility towards our employees. Ensuring that they have good health and well-being, both at work and outside of work, and that we as a business act equally and fairly in all situations.

The last part of social responsibility is towards our surroundings. We care about our local areas having good social conditions for activities and are therefore proud sponsors of various sports engagements, such as sponsors of the local football club in Hallstavik, Hallsta IF, and Rospiggarna Speedway.

We collaborate with the company Bikelease, where all our employees have the opportunity to benefit from leasing a bicycle of any kind. This is because we want to encourage our employees to choose the bicycle instead of the car, whether it is for private purposes or for commuting to and from work.

Economic sustainability

Being economically sustainable revolves around both ensuring that economic growth does not stand in the way of sustainability and continuously striving to improve and refine the process and business model. A well-known concept today is that a company should be circular. To work with resources that can be recycled and to choose, at every stage, the most sustainable option.

At our place, our roofs have newly installed solar panels that provide both us and others with renewable energy. We also provide staff and customers with the opportunity to charge their electric cars with us, whether they visit us in Karlskoga or Hallstavik.

The Global Goals

We have chosen to work with selected categories from the United Nations’ Global Goals.

We are proud partners of the aid organization Giving People. They work to make a difference for children and families living in economic vulnerability in Sweden.

“Giving People’s vision is that no child in Sweden should live in exclusion or poverty.”

Giving People,

They work with emergency assistance, providing food and other necessities. Since its inception in 2013, the organization has provided food bags, clothes, and hygiene products to families all over Sweden.

We are constantly working to have a gender-equal workplace. Currently, we are 63% women and 37% men at our two workplaces, distributed across all levels. When hiring new employees, we always keep in mind that we are a gender-equal workplace, and in our latest project employment, where we hired a total of 30 people, the distribution was as follows: 51% women and 49% men.