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Warehouse hotel

Storage solutions for all needs

At our warehouse hotel, we don't just offer you the possibility to rent simple storage, similar to a space in a storeroom. No, renting storage space with us also means that a range of other opportunities open up.

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Warehouse Hotel at Exacta

We offer a multitude of services related to warehouse hotels and goods storage. For example, we provide packing and picking services, along with a range of other related services. Our warehouse hotel, combined with these additional services, makes us a complete partner in third-party logistics. We are also very flexible and believe that warehouse hotels and other services should be customized for each individual customer. Services can be combined to suit your specific needs, and we also help adjust the scope on an ongoing basis, so you don’t pay more than necessary.

Modern warehouse hotel with flexible solutions

By renting storage space with us, you get the chance to access exactly the type of warehouse hotel you need.

We are very flexible and do our best to offer each individual customer a service package that perfectly suits their own organization. The size of the company doesn’t matter; among our clients, you will find organizations of all sizes. Service packages range from simple storage to extensive collaborations where we also handle tasks such as order management, returns, and transportation. Our warehouse hotel can be easily adapted to precisely what your company needs.

Advantages of our warehouse hotel

Our warehouse hotel is flexible, with modern solutions that can be tailored to each individual customer’s specific requirements. This allows us to offer a range of benefits for companies that choose to rent storage space with us.

Below you will see the most important of these benefits:

  • It lowers your costs
  • It saves you time and energy
  • You have access to storage spaces 24/7
  • We take security and surveillance seriously

By using our warehouse hotel, you can keep the costs of storage and other services down. We adapt to your needs and you don’t pay for anything unnecessary. As mentioned, we can also offer a plethora of other services in warehousing and distribution. In this way, you can choose service packages that save you valuable time and energy. Moreover, the storage spaces are available 24/7; we are always prepared. Lastly, our premises are well-guarded, and the items you entrust us with for storage are in safe hands, at a secure location.

Different types of storage spaces and storage options

At our warehouse hotel outside Stockholm, you can choose between different types of storage spaces depending on what you want us to store. With us, you’ll find storage options suitable for most goods and items. This means that you can most likely hire us for all your storage needs, even if you require different types of storage spaces. Depending on the type of goods and items you want to store at our warehouse hotel, different kinds of storage spaces are suitable.

Below you can see the types of storage options you will have access to at our warehouse hotel:

  • Shelf space
  • Pallet space
  • Container
  • Storeroom

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