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Pick and pack

Packing and picking as fast as it is safe

At Exacta, we handle packing and picking in the best way possible, with competent staff following watertight routines to ensure all deliveries are correct.

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Packing and picking at Exacta

Our knowledge and experience ensure that picking and packing are done quickly, with minimal risk of errors. Orders are shipped no later than the day after they arrive to us, so you can be sure of fast delivery. We take packing and picking very seriously and with quick dispatch of the correct items, we make sure your customers are satisfied. This without you having to worry about this part, which we are more than happy to handle for you.

Packing and picking you can trust

When you let us take care of packing and picking, your deliveries are in good hands. You can trust that with our many years of experience and expertise, we ensure that deliveries are carried out with quality and speed. Whether it’s picking and packing smaller items for individual private customers or larger deliveries of multiple packages to businesses, we handle the task just as professionally. We also have the resources needed for all types of orders, large and small.

High precision with very few incorrect shipments

We deliver packing and picking with high precision regardless of the size of the orders we receive. Our professional employees and top-notch order management systems result in very few incorrect shipments. Having the right product reach the right customer is, of course, a fundamental prerequisite for you to have satisfied customers who trust you and return with more orders.

Efficient picking routines

We have large warehouses, with a multitude of shelves filled with all kinds of products. That’s why it’s fortunate that our picking routines are as efficient and time-saving as they are. We minimize the time spent in each step, in order to always offer the fastest possible delivery.

Thorough and efficient packing

Packing is done with careful checks to ensure that the customer receives the correct delivery. Our routines and processes are designed to minimize the risk of anything going wrong while packing quickly.

We pack your order with optimal packaging

We tailor the packing of each individual order specifically to its unique needs, with optimal packaging and packing materials. Different products require different types of packaging, depending on their fragility. In some cases, sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes with foam padding for extra internal protection are required, while in other cases, a standard letterbox packaging is sufficient.

If you wish, we can also provide branded packaging to show that the package comes from your company. We can help you with, for example, boxes and bags printed with your company’s logo.

Resources for all types of assignments

We have the resources needed to tailor our solutions to the unique needs of each specific customer. Numerous orders and purchases are handled daily in our spacious facilities, and with us, you can get the packing and picking solution that best suits your company.

Always the same high standard on picking and packing

Our picking and packing maintain the same high standard regardless of the time of year. During certain especially demanding periods of the year, there is high pressure and the demands on us increase. This applies, for example, during the Christmas shopping season, an intense period when numerous packages need to be picked, packed, and shipped out. During these periods, we always make sure to hire additional staff to deliver the same high standard of packing & picking, no matter when an order comes in.

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