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About Exacta

Exacta is a flexible logistics partner specialized in customized and delivery-safe solutions within third-party logistics. No matter the size of your company, our logistics solutions create freedom for you to focus on core business activities.

Exacta was founded in 1979 (as Distributionscenter i Hallstavik AB) and is part of the Alderway group. Third-party logistics has been there since the beginning, and the company’s main customers were book club customers at that time. Much has happened since the start, and today we store everything from dog toys to coffee.

In 2015, we started a transport business to offer our customers better service and become a logistics partner without limitations.

Web production & e-commerce

Since 2022, we offer full-scale production of e-commerce and websites with our own in-house team.

To create websites that are fully optimized from all aspects, expertise is required not only in design and development but also in other areas such as analysis, user experience, accessibility, search engine optimization, and customer behaviors.

We want to create Sweden’s best e-commerce stores and websites, which is why we have spent countless hours developing everyone on our team to have a keen sense of all these areas. This makes us all hybrids and allows us to work both more independently and better in teams.

Finance and accounting

Since 2022, we also offer a range of services when it comes to finance and accounting.

With us, you can feel confident that we take care of all functions related to your finance services – if you want to. Our range of services is broad, which gives you the opportunity to build up or scale down according to your changing needs. We can assist you with accounting, financial statements, annual reports, payroll matters, and tax issues, among other things.

We always provide you with personalized service in combination with modern technical solutions. Why should you spend a lot of your time and focus on things that others are experts in? Let us take care of your financial services – so you can spend more time on core business activities.

Our values

Community – At our company, all employees should feel that they are part of our family.

Quality – Quality-assured routines should lay the foundation for what we do.

Security – Everyone who comes into contact with us should feel safe and secure.