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Handling of dangerous goods

Handling of dangerous goods

We at Exacta are not afraid of a challenge. That's why we have sought knowledge and built competence in handling dangerous goods.

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Through our knowledge base, we can deliver safe handling in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Not least when it comes to handling flammable goods, but also other types of dangerous goods.

What is dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods refer to substances and articles that must be handled in a special way during transportation. The reason is that they pose a risk to people, animals, or the surrounding environment. For example, to other goods, vehicles, air, ground, and nature. Dangerous goods are assessed according to regulations established by the United Nations (UN). In these model regulations, the goods are divided into different classes depending on how dangerous they are considered to be.

We handle the management of flammable goods.

For handling dangerous or flammable goods, it is an asset to get help from a third party that knows the regulations like the back of their hand. You can feel secure in knowing that we will remember what you might otherwise have missed in the regulations. We provide you with both advice on handling and perform the work ourselves. In addition, we handle the documentation in a professional manner.

An asset for you is that we are passionate about coming up with smart and tailored solutions. To achieve efficient handling of any type of goods, but perhaps dangerous goods in particular, an open and responsive dialogue is of utmost importance. That’s what you’ll get with us. To ensure secure transportation in accordance with all applicable regulations, with a personal approach on top, contact us!

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