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Privacy Policy


Almost all companies need a privacy policy. So do we at Exacta Logistics AB, 556624-9354. With us, it is our digital stars who provide our website, and therefore we do not have a shared responsibility for personal data.

In this privacy policy, you will learn how and why we collect your data and what we use it for. Of course, information on how to control your data and refuse or consent to its collection, storage, and handling is also provided.

What are personal data?

Personal data is any form of information that can be used to identify a physical person.

By accepting our use of cookies, you also agree that we collect, store, and handle your personal data in accordance with Swedish legislation.

Information gathering

Exacta processes personal data that you voluntarily and willingly provide to us in the form of:

  • E-mail
  • Phone call
  • Submitted forms via the website

In addition to this, we actively collect IP addresses from our visitors.

Furthermore, we process data collected through our cookies, with your consent.

Information handling and storage

The personal data you voluntarily provide to us will be stored as long as we have a relationship with each other. These are stored with us as long as we have a relationship with each other.

The IP addresses that are collected are anonymized and not linked to other data that can identify you. These are stored with us for 12 months.

Information use

The personal data that is collected is processed for the purpose of providing the best possible service, tailored to the individual’s needs, requirements, and business.

In addition, as mentioned, we process IP addresses to prevent abuse of the website. By collecting IP addresses, we can detect if someone has attempted to overload the website, make unauthorized access, or engage in any other inappropriate use of the website. Collecting IP addresses is thus done for control and security purposes.

The personal data we collect through our website or that you voluntarily and willingly provide to us in other ways will not be forwarded to third parties.”

The information that is collected is stored with us, unless there is a legal basis for something else.

Your rights

As a registered person, you always have the right to be forgotten. That means you always have the right to have your information deleted by us.

Information and unsubscribe

If you want to know what information we may have about you and have it deleted or restricted, you can easily contact us at our email:

If you do not unsubscribe from us, we will delete the information ourselves. This is done at the latest 24 months after our last contact, while other information is deleted already the next day.


By using our website, you consent to our data collection in accordance with this privacy policy.

If you are unsure about what information we collect and how we handle it, please feel free to contact us.