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Your customers - our responsibility

Exacta takes care of everything from order reception to distribution, while your company can focus on what you are best at - the core business.

We help wholesalers, e-commerce businesses, and distributors throughout the entire logistics flow. Experience the freedom with 3PL at Exacta.

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Our logistics services

Third-party LogisticsThird-party Logistics - 3PL

Exacta is the personal logistics company within third-party logistics (3PL) in both Hallstavik outside Stockholm and in Karlskoga. Our focus is customized solutions that make your logistics run like clockwork.

Third-party Logistics - 3PL

E-commerce LogisticsE-commerce Logistics

Effective logistics for your e-commerce will strengthen relationships with customers and business contacts. By utilizing our third-party logistics services for your e-commerce, you gain additional time to concentrate on your business and brand.

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Logistics for Alcohol ProductsLogistics for Alcohol

At Exacta, we offer logistics solutions for alcohol products. Our focus is to tailor logistics solutions that fit for importers, wholesalers, and breweries. We can assist with all types of logistics for alcohol products.

Logistics for Alcohol Products

Logistics & TransportLogistics & Transport

When it comes to logistics and transportation, we at Exacta are a distribution partner you can rely on, regardless of your needs. We offer tailor-made logistics and transportation solutions that always cater to the individual customer's needs and preferences.

Logistics & Transport

Pick and PackPick and Pack

Our knowledge and experience make packing and picking quick, with minimal risk of errors. Orders are shipped no later than the day after they are received by us, so you can be sure of fast delivery and satisfied customers. Leave the packing to us!

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Returns ManagementReturns Management

Regardless of whether your customers come to you as individuals or representatives of a company, smooth returns are an excellent way to make them satisfied with your business. This, in turn, makes it more likely that they will turn to you again.

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Other logistics services at Exacta

Logistics is a vast field, and we also offer services such as Handling of Dangerous Goods, Warehouse, Storage, Labeling and Integration System.

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