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Additional services

Additional services

For us, it is essential to be flexible and tailor solutions with you as the starting point. That's why we offer a variety of related services connected to warehousing and logistics.

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For us, it is essential to be flexible and tailor solutions with you as the starting point. Therefore, we offer several related services connected to warehousing and logistics, such as product photography in our facilities outside Stockholm. Do you have a question about something that feels unusual or tricky? Feel free to contact us.

Product Photography and much more – Near Stockholm

One example of a common additional service we offer is product photography. When all products are already with us, it is convenient for us to also handle the photography. We take this task very seriously and understand the importance of ensuring that the photos accurately represent the appearance and color in a fair way while also being appealing according to your model. Therefore, the images are always of high quality, to showcase your products in the best way possible and fit in with the existing product flow in your e-commerce. To achieve this level, we have skilled personnel handling product photography.

Customer Service – Phone and Email

Exacta can successfully manage your customer service. Over the phone and email, we guide and help your visitors with their questions and issues. Product-related questions become easy to handle when we have access to your entire inventory.

Subscription Shipments

Do you have customers who subscribe to products or product kits? Exacta is happy to handle the logistical part of monthly packing and shipping of these subscriptions. If your subscription service is not monthly but has a different frequency, we can naturally handle that as well.

We also have the expertise to manage several other services. Here is a selection.

  • Kit Packing
  • Labeling of articles
  • Invoicing and accounting

Everything is possible when you contact us at Exacta! If we haven’t mentioned the service you are looking for, don’t hesitate to ask. We can probably find a solution, or at least help you find the right one through our extensive network. Call or email us today, and we’ll begin the process of finding a solution together. That’s what a logistics partner is for.

Customer Survey

All customers today are discerning – the range of options has never been greater, and switching brands or suppliers has never been easier. That’s precisely why it’s more important than ever for businesses to understand and meet their customers’ expectations and needs. With a customer survey backing you up, you can easily take action and build sustainable relationships with your customers.

We can help you conduct a customer survey, from design to results.

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