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Qualified Accounting

Qualified Accounting

We help you compile your ongoing bookkeeping, analyze and ensure that all numbers are correct.

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We ensure that all numbers are correct

We assist you in organizing your ongoing bookkeeping, analyzing it, and ensuring that all numbers are correct. We see the financial statement as much more than just a document – for us, it is a valuable and essential tool for the future and development of the company.

We are digital and modern in our approach, but that does not prevent us from being personal. With us, you can be confident that there is always someone who has a handle on your company – regardless of vacation periods or other absences. In short, we are here for you when you need qualified advice!

The digital and modern approach means that as a company, you only need to do some manual work a few times a month. However, this does not prevent you from having full control – we ensure that you receive customized reports on your finances.

Supplier invoices, customer invoices, and various expenses. We collect, send reminders, and handle any collection claims. Of course, everything is gathered in a secure location.

Let's talk about accounting!

We offer modern and personalized accounting for your business. A casual chat or email exchange is the first step towards simpler accounting and bookkeeping.

Hi! My name is Lukas and I can help with your accounting. Talk with me on 0725 - 117 277 or email

Lukas Hågestam Lindell

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